Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I've Moved (Yet Again!)

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to update you all that I've moved to another blog! As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't posted anything here for ages... I spend a while blogging with Matt, but decided to start my own blog again!

So, here it is:

And here's the link:

Unbound Knits

So, if you're curious... come and have a look!

X Dennis

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've moved!

Hello everyone!

I completely forgot about my old little blog after I joined forces with Matt!
So here a little information for the people that might pop by, I'm now writing together with Matt over at: According to Matt...

It's been so much nicer to work together on a blog. We've changed the design a couple of months ago and we're very happy with the outcome!

Thanks everybody for supporting this blog, I hope you will support us on our joined blog as well! But must of you have already popped over I see!

Have a lovely sunday!

Dennis xxx

Friday, December 9, 2011

According to Matt...: Good Old Fashioned Bunting Tutorial

According to Matt...: Good Old Fashioned Bunting Tutorial: Welcome to our 'Good Old Fashioned' Bunting tutorial! We came up with this pattern together as we like nothing more then to have a nice b...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One day left...

Hello everyone!

A quick message from me, because I have to run off to my last rehearsal this morning! After that one last fitting, and than back home for my last night with Matt! Tomorrow I'm heading to Naples where the ship will be lying in dry dock for some maintenance. We will still have a couple of days without passengers, which is good because we can rehearse some more! We'll be having a total of 5 premieres this time, next to 7 other shows that have been running for a little while. The rehearsals were a lot of fun, but also very hard! I can't wait to stand on stage again! It'll be such a change from the last ship I worked on! This ship has about a 1000 more passengers than the last one. The pressure is on ;-)

Anyway, I'm off! Hope to update you guys soon from the ship!
AIDA Bella, here I come!

:-) Dennis

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No More Crochet...

...for a while.

Why? Because yesterday I started rehearsals for my next contract on board. I work for the biggest cruiseline company in Germany called AIDA. I used to be an all rounder on their smaller-class ships but I re-auditioned and I'm now a lead solist on their sphinx-class ships. I'm really excited because it's a very good job! We have about 12 different shows so every night we play another show, and sometimes even two! Our ensemble consists of 6 solists, 6 dancers, and 2 acrobats (I think, I haven't met the dancers yet).

Yesterday we started rehearsing a show called Brit Trash, with a lot of British 'Trash' music like: Never gonna give you up, You make me feel (mighty real), Wannabe (spice girls), Touch me, Showing out, I should be so lucky and some other songs! Today we finished the show, including choreo. That's how fast we have to work, the 20th we fly to Napels to go on board already. And there's so many shows to learn! I'm very excited though to go to the warmth of Italy, and after that we'll mostly be sailing in the mediterranean and to the canary islands!

I can't write to much this time because I have to study... so you can imagine why there won't be any crocheting done for the next 2 months at least! But Matt is doing very well with his huge summer garden granny square blanket, it's almost finished and it's huge!!!!

Have a great evening everyone! You might not hear so much from me for a while because of my busy life at the moment! Busy, but very exciting! Can't wait to be back on stage!

X Dennis

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Crochet

This is the year that I started to crochet (well, maybe oficially in december last year, but hey, who's counting) I don't want to write too much, but just show you guys a little collage of some of my projects which I made and finished this year! It's been a good year!

A year in crochet

I want to wish everyone an amazing 2011 with lots of love, warmth and hapiness! And don't forget crochet...

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello everyone!!!

(the first part of this post is an almost exact copy of my post on the We Love Lucy forum on Ravelry)


I'm so excited! I didn't really post anything about this project over the last couple of months! I started this blanket on the 30th of August this year when I was still working on board of the cruiseship! I ordered 1 lucy-pack of Stylecraft Special DK from Masons, and it was 'shipped to the ship' so I could start my GS! Boy, was I excited! However, with the great amounts of time I had on board, I went a little fast, and after about 2 weeks I already ran out of Pomegranate! I had to stop my blanket... I ordered more yarn, hoping I would still get it before I left the ship (just to be sure I had it shipped to our place in hamburg because).

But I left the ship and still no new stylecraft... I received 2 extra balls which I had ordered seperately, but still no big pack of yarn! I waited more than a month, which was weird because the first time I ordered my stylecraft, it came within 8 days. So.... I started to pick up on other projects and started many other things (because I can't work on only 1 project like most of you ;-))

But than it arrived!!! Woohooo... well actually, I wasn't that excited anymore... you know how a project loses it's "wow-ness" when you leave it too long? Well, that's how I felt! But, on evenings when Matt was at work, I would sometimes have some hardcore crochet time working on this blanket... it grew very slowly because I only ocasionally felt like working on it... And every row was soooo long. I started with a chain of 267 I believe (I just chained in groups of 3 until I had reached the length that I wanted, but I counted after some rows how many groups of 3 there were and multiplied by 3) The first row of DC's (SC) was a bit scary, because I would find out if my chaining was correct! But yes it was!

Anyway, when I finally got to my final rows I started to really crochet my ass of because I wanted to finished before 2011! I raced through the border (it felt more like snail speed because every border row takes forever!) But yesterday evening, just before Matt came home, I finished! I didn't have time to sew the last 10 loose ends in (just the border ends, the rest was done already) and put it on the bed! This morning I quickly managed to sew the last ends in and started a photoshoot! It's really quite big so it wasn't easy taking pictures.

Ok, I guess I have been talking too much... here is the result of this morning's photoshoot!!!

This is where it started... this little scarf sized piece of crochet:

It turned into this:

Lucy's Neat Edging

Look at all those colorful stripes!

Stripes Stripes Stripes...

Okay, enough little teasers! Here is the big result in it's completeness!

Our dog loves it!

So does Melvin the Snail!

Okay, ONE more!

So... there it is! 103 (206 actual rows) colorful rows of happiness! I added 1 row of granny clusters around the stripes, 4 rows of trebles, 2 rows of dc's, and 1 edging row.

As for the colors, I have to thank Lucy, because I followed her color-repeat, and since my blanket is a lot bigger, I had to repeat them again, nog completely because it would have been to big. So yes, if you recognize these colors in this order, it's because of Lucy, not very original, but why change something that works so very very well!

I feel very happy with the results! It's gonna have a long happy life! Woohoooo :-)

I forgot to mention the size: 85 by 77 inches or 2.15 meters by 1.95 meters


You might have seen Melvin pop up on the Granny Stripe pictures but here is a little more info on this little guy (not so little actually). I was going through peoples pages on ravelry and suddenly came across this snail!
I've always had a weak spot for weird looking creatures, and this snail is just awesome! We have quite a big water snail in our aquarium at home and I thought this would make a nice friend :-) I recommend you all to go to Delicious Crochet. They make such amazing amigurimi! I bought three patterns right away! Melvin the Snail, Chuck the Monkey and Heather the Pony. Now these patterns are very detailed and with loads of pictures so quite easy to follow. It still requires some crochet knowledge however and you have to count very well and use stitch markers because you don't want to mess with their perfectly written shaping. I think the prices are very good as well for the amount of work that has been put into these patterns! 

I hope they don't mind that I changed the mouth a little. I wasn't really keen on the flower in the embroidered mouth and decided to go for some 3D lips, which are just 2 red tubes in DC (single crochet). Anyway, here are some more pictures of our new friend Melvin!

Isn't he cute?! I love him! He's about 34 cm long and 23 cm high (with the eyes) and he is having a great time here in the house! 

Well, so much for crochet again, I have to start preparing for my rehearsals for my next cruise ship contract! I start rehearsing from the 3rd of January and go on board the 20th of January!
Speak to you guys soon! Have a great new years eve everyone! Be safe!

:-) Dennis